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Why Hair?!

Every one has an addiction. Mine happens to be HAIR!

About Nakisha Camacho

Growing up I never thought, I would actually be a licensed Cosmetologist. When I was younger I grew up with nothing but boys in my family, and of course I had to grow up in a family full of boxers. Being a girly girl was out the window, until the day I saw Carlos Dimas known as ( Hair By Carlos) at his hair show in Ft.Myers, Florida. Long story short he was my father's and uncle's personal hair stylist for all there boxing fights. He was there chopping up a woman's hair with scissors! I personally thought he was crazy! But he amazed me also. After that my godmother Sue  would take me to his salon and I would help him out around and try to sell products. I later had my beautiful son, Ivan. That little boy truly changed my life at the moment at age 20, It was time to woman up and find a career. Going to a desk job was just a NO for me , I loved talking to people and interacting with them. So... why not hair? I finally found something I was good at, Something that gave me a challenge. Next thing I know I was EATING,SLEEPING,SPEAKING hair! I consider myself a HAIR ARTIST not just a stylist. My job is to educate my clients on hair care, while giving them BOMB ass HAIR. I'm truly blessed to be able to say at the age of 24 I followed my dreams and became a Business Owner. I will like to introduce my very own salon, HAIR ARTISTRY FULL SERVICE SALON!

Welcome to Hair Artistry Full Service Salon

Picking out the name was really hard! For days I was going back and forth with names and we came out with Longevity Salon. BOOM!! That was it, we found a name. But then a couple days went by and I was driving to pick up my son and I started to think. This is my FIRST salon ever I need to be for sure on the name. Then BOOM!! It happened again, I found the perfect name. HAIR ARTISTRY! It was PERFECT. I call myself a Hair Artist , why not have a full service salon? Where everyone from kids,Mothers,Fathers, could all come in a one stop shop and get the best quality work from a salon full of ARTIST.

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I offer Continued education for Cosmo students and Licensed Cosmetologist. 

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